Studying abroad is a unique experience, vastly different from a short vacation. It requires students to prepare themselves mentally and be open to embracing new cultures, education methods, cuisine, and climates, and forming new friendships. At Sky9 Visas, we provide students with essential guidance on the following aspects:

Handling Culture Change

Many students undergo a phase of culture shock upon arrival, which can manifest as a reaction to differences in culture, weather, food, gender norms, and educational systems. This initial shock may lead to withdrawal symptoms, where students hesitate to socialize or venture beyond their rooms. Jetlag often exacerbates this phenomenon, making it challenging for students to adapt. It’s crucial for students to recognize these difficulties and know how to reach out to competent authorities at their respective universities if necessary. Sky9 Visas offers valuable literature and strategies to better prepare students for this adjustment phase.

Arranging Accommodation and Airport Pickup

We assist students in organizing airport pickups, either through their universities or local Indian associations in the host country. This service is particularly vital as students often experience fatigue and tension after long flights, immigration processes, and the anticipation of a new environment. Additionally, we help students secure accommodation, whether on-campus or off-campus, by connecting them with peers who are already sharing apartments.

Packing Essentials

Students frequently pack items that prove unnecessary and add to their baggage load. It’s essential to recognize that some items commonly used in India may have little relevance in their new destination. Dress codes at foreign institutions tend to be informal, so packing accordingly is important. Moreover, winter clothing suitable for Indian climates may not suffice abroad. We advise students to carry essential medications as only a limited selection may be available over the counter. Sky9 Visas provides a country-specific checklist of essential items to carry.

Understanding Local Norms

Every culture has its unspoken rules of conduct, and adapting to these norms is essential for students to become integrated into their new society. Sky9 Visas equip students with comprehensive checklists detailing the social and cultural norms specific to their chosen country, ensuring a smoother transition into their host environment.

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